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Nice game Euris! I think that the art really sells the vibes of this game and does a great job at nailing the tone of a coffee shop employee there for minimum wage. I would say though I wish the actual game lasted a bit longer so my scores were able to vary a bit more!

I'm sensing a love/hate relationship with a particular coffee chain here...

That aside though, this game is really chill. The pixel art is really nicely done for the guy, and perfectly captures the expression of someone working in the service industry! I think something you could do to make it a little more interesting would be to speed the cups movement up a bit after a few seconds, really get that breakfast/lunch rush vibe going.

Hey Euris! I really enjoy playing this game! The art style and the overall feeling of the game player are cohesive and work nicely. My only concern is that it doesn't really feel like a rush hour, it would be more fun if the speed of every cup raise up as time goes on. Besides the bug that you can lid a cup more than one time, one thing I notice is that somethings after I lid a cup, the sprite of the cup will go behind my arm's sprite. Other than that, I really enjoy lidding those cups! Good job!

Hey Euris! I really like the idea behind this. The monotony of the job is really captured in the game. Gameplay wise, maybe randomizing the number of cups in each round or adjusting the speed of the whole conveyer belt when it's rush hour can make the gameplay more dynamic. The bug where you can lid the same cup multiple times is really fun, I enjoyed being able to earn 300$ in one shift haha. 

hi euris,

I love the art style you have going here! As a simulator I think it captures the repetitive nature of minimum wage jobs quite nicely. I found it relaxing to play. I wonder if the music is the right choice? It's unclear to me what vibe you were actually going for. The music almost makes it feel like an action game, which I don't think it is, but I could be wrong if that's what you were going for.  I think this could work well without the timer or score if that's something you are interested in exploring. The look and feel is able to stand alone I think.  One idea might be to have this be a secondary game to some kind of larger narrative experience. Also the way the score is implemented right now you can just spam caps on the same cup to raise your score. There's a lot to build off of which ever direction you choose. Good job!

- Z

Euroooooss! I really liked the theme and art here, the employees tired expression was so funny. The capping animation was also really nice and snappy, I had fun spamming it. So, critical feedback time. I think having a timer control when the game ends feels boring, like others have said it would be more engaging if the amount of coffees increased overtime and the game over condition is when you don't lid enough coffees (like the Club Penguin Pizzatron 3000). I think for a future iteration it would also be cool if on top of putting the lids on you have to make the actual drinks on a conveyor belt. I also loved the music is was nice to vibe to.

Hey Euris! What a great theme, and you got good art!
Hmm, its solid stuff, but maybe for more difficulty you could perhaps speed the conveyer belt over time, or even add things that when lidded, you lose points. Another thing to point out is that maybe the steam should stop when the cup gets lidded.
Good work!

These are some great suggestions, thanks Gabs!

Hey Euris! Really great concept, I love that you've stuck with the Starducks brand for a while now.

I have to main points of feedback, albeit one is a bit more of a bug report. I think the game could stand to have more cups within a short period of time, as right now it doesn't feel like a "rush hour." I think you could really nicely adapt this to a level based game and have this be a starting level, with ones further down the line throwing things at you much faster. As for the aforementioned bug, it is possible to spam the spacebar while a cup of coffee is under the players hand to get additional points. I've managed to get like, over 150 points from one cup alone. 

With all that said, your art is amazing, with the particle effects being a particular highlight, and your choice of music fits the mood really well. Great job!

Thanks Miles,  I didn't know  you can just hold  down the button and get points that way. I'll keep that in mind for future bugchecking. Thanks again for the feedback!

Hey Euris, cool concept, the sleepy-time starbucks lid narrative was a real vibe. I really liked the artstyle, especially the steam particles from the coffee. As a small thing, I think it would be cool if the particles turned off after the lid was placed on. Also I think this game would benefit more from being a timer-less game, and actually being an endless conveyer belt of coffee, and it gets faster with more coffee over time, so you have to press space more often as it progresses.

That sounds like a great idea, I should've gone with that! Thanks for the feedback!!!