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This game is a lot lol. The music and the art are great. I'm just not all that sure about the systems. It wasn't super clear to me how things were affecting each other or how much of any given thing I needed to do by when. If that were more clear I think you have created a master piece. Good job!

Euris, this has a very potent vibe that you capture really well. The super sweaty, bloodshot eye having, presumably smelly, slouched gamer, is an interesting take on a pet, as something that doesn't take care of itself. The artwork is really well done and captures the gross and unsettling vibe really well. One thing I think would be cool is to have the gamer maybe melt even more into the chair when their needs are going down, or some other visual feedback aside from the colored icons because those only show for a little bit before you click again. Overall, good work

Euris! I really like this a lot! This little gamer boy is very unsettling to look at and I think you did a great job with the animation. As far as the game itself, it took me a little while to understand exactly what i was supposed to be doing but after the first game, I understood. I think if you put a little description just to tell exactly what the player is supposed to do it'll help. I like how forgiving the management can be, as it can looking daunting to manage all the activity, but it works really well. The jukebox option is nice too, and I think my little gamer guy has some interesting taste in music.

Hi Euris! Wow this is impressive! your art looks really really good, and is quite unsettling. I think the UI to explain what my little gamer wants/needs to survive took me a second to understand the color system, but once I got it, I think it’s very effective. Maybe in a version with a longer development time, a little tutorial would be beneficial. Once I got the hang of the resource system, I found it relatively easy to keep my little gamer alive so maybe a scaling difficulty or random events that throw a wrench into my plan could be a cool addition, for example, a new game release or something. Lastly, I really enjoy your choice of music here and I liked the inclusion of a virtual jukebox. I think it could take the game up a notch if the music somehow responded to the status of the gamer, like becoming more washed out or distant as the gamer approaches death. All in all though this is a really great little pet game. Thanks!

Euris please do not make a game about me without my consent. If this happens again I will be forced to take legal action. Love you <3

What... is this.... yes...

Bro, the fuck

The playlist is top notch, and I love the mechanics you chose to implement, super fun

but bro THE GAMER
he horrifying

I agree that a thing you could improve on would be the response of the buttons, I would've liked to see like a bar, or a sound effect to make sure i know its working.

Nice job!

EURIS I love this so much, I don't know if you were practicing art nonstop during quarantine or what but you have improved an insane amount, the visual language of this game is so cohesive! All your color choices really help fit and create a really grimy feeling. The idea of this is also super fun and very creative, I wanted to explore all the ways I could interact with my little gamer. I was a little bit confused as to what the different buttons were doing, and when I had succeeded and failed. I pressed the buttons randomly just to see what would happen and a lot of them felt unresponsive. Maybe a progress bar of some sort could help solve this issue? Either way, fantastic work!

what the fuck is this creature euris. Your art is awesome, which makes looking at this thing all the more horrifying. Also the crocodile rock thing really surprised me haha. I do believe you achieved what you were going for with this and this art is so well done!! In terms of suggestions I'd say, for me whenever I clicked on one of the buttons all of them reset, which felt a little odd.  maybe having a sims style system where all the requirements work independently of each other? Either way this was a great response to the prompt!

This sure is a way to create a virtual pet and boy did it catch me off guard ( in a funny, yet cursed way! ) I definitely like the concept for this and I think the mechanics are communicated well through the UI without needing any real instructions! One thing I did feel iffy about is the cool downs on the buttons, I feel like it makes sense to constantly be worrying about each of the stats of your gamer, but it rarely feels like I'm forced to make a choice between two or more stats in the game. I think it'd also be interesting to see what the game would be like with a win condition and what other humorous things could've made it in if there was more time. Either way this was pretty good Euris!